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We offer residential and commercial spray foams and more. Design North Supply also provides insulation chemical product for geotechnical applications including soil stabilization and foundation repair as well pipeline and protective coatings for oilfield and mining operations.

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Spray Foam Applications

  • Residential/Commercial
  • Geotechnical
  • Oilfield and Mining Operations



Your customers are looking to save money, save energy and increase the durability of their homes or commercial spaces and facilities. Our spay foam products provide maximum efficacy as an air sealer and waterproofing agent as well as high R-Value and other key performance characteristics.


So much more than insulation… the many uses of spray foams in geotechnical applications cover everything from soil stabilization and foundation repair to concrete lifting, leveling and sealing.

Oilfield and Mining Operations

Spray foam is one of the most effective products on the market for protect oilfield and mining assets. From shack insulation to tank spray foam to a range of pipeline coatings and mining solutions, you can be sure your site will have the toughest protection available today.

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